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The Heart of Canada

Nemo's Beacon at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

In partnership with: Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Captain Nemo sends an urgent message to his ANIMAZIA team of superheroes: Assemble at the Israel Asper Tower of Hope, atop the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It’s a spectacular building at the heart of Canada, designed to reflect the Canadian landscape, and the rights we all share because we’re human. Topper the Topmost Mouse races past everyone else in a race to the top, not paying attention to the important human rights messages all around him. When he reaches the top of the Tower, Nemo tells him that he has failed his test - the point was not to bully past others, but to begin to work together with respect and dignity. Topper learns his lesson, and volunteers for Nemo’s special mission to the North.

Special note: we created this video with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Stay tuned for more of Topper’s adventure in his series “Train of Grain”